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How does somebody go about taking out a loan against their car logbook?

  A person who is in need of instant cash has a new alternative to extortionate short term lenders or loan sharks: they can take out a car logbook loan using their car as the security or collateral, in much the same way that a secured loan is taken out using a person’s house as […]


Federal Stafford Student Loans

Federal Stafford student loans are a kind of federal student loans offered by way of the federal government to both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a college at least half time. Stafford student loans are often considered to be the most affordable of all loan types, especially due to the fixed rates […]

Loan against a car

Loan Against a Car – The Basics

We all dream of having a solid enough bank account to be able to face each financial challenge or bill without worry.  But for most of us, that dream isn’t quite a reality.  Whether you live paycheque to paycheque, or simply lack the credit needed to take out a traditional loan, sometimes expenses can get […]