Logbook Loans

Secure a logbook loan with bad credit or no credit!

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet, have an emergency where you need an injection of additional cash or you’re seeking a well-deserved break or treat, logbook loans can offer the ideal financial solution for you.

Logbook Loans

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If you’re one of the many people affected by the recession or just find yourself having a difficult month where you just can’t seem to manage on limited wages then a Logbook Loans could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Logbook loan companies have helped thousands of people just like you who can’t, for any reason, go down the route of traditional lending…. Read more about Try Logbook Loans here

What are Logbook Loans?

Logbook loans are a bad credit loan that is secured against your car. So whilst you repay the loan, your car or logbook will act as a guarantee. Once you have repaid the loan, you will be returned your logbook. One of the most common misconceptions with logbook loans is that for the duration of the loan, you won’t be able to use your car and many people are concerned that their loan could prevent them from working, going out with the family or taking a holiday or break away.

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The Loan is Secured against your Car

Fortunately logbook loans allow you to keep your car. The logbook loan company simply retains your logbook whilst you repay the loan. You are able to drive your vehicle whilst you make the loan repayments. The quicker you pay the logbook loan back, the lower the interest rate will be.

Logbook loans are easy to understand, fast and straightforward to obtain whether you have good credit or bad credit.  Repayment plans will be structured around each person’s individual circumstances. This way you can rest assured that your repayments are affordable.

No matter where you are within in the UK, you can be sure getting a quick and instant logbook loan could not be easier.

3 easy steps to getting a log book loan

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1. How much do you need to borrow?

Borrow from £500 -£50,000

2. How long do you need the loan for?

You take a logbook loan out from between 1 month to 48 months

3. What are your weekly repayments?

Once you have agreed the amount you need to borrow and over what time period then you will know your affordable weekly repayment plan

How the Logbook loan process works

1. Apply instantly online

Complete the quick log book loan application form

Details include

  • Name
  • Address
  • How much you need to borrow?
  • How long do you need to borrow the money for?
  • Vehicle Registration number
  • Logbook reference number
2. The Logbook loan company will then contact you
3. The repayment plan is agreed
4. You get your cash transferred to your account instantly

You get to keep your car while you pay off the loan!

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Bad Credit? No Problem

Logbook loans are bad credit loans that can be obtained regardless of how bad your past credit is. As long as you are working and make the weekly repayments then you will definitely be instantly approved for a logbook loan.

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